City of Lost Angels


Here’s the thing about being caught up. We at times ignore the fundamentals. In our life, in our work, in ourselves For example, I was to solve a very simple … Continue reading

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information at your finger tips

As we are the generation of the fast, the now, and the convient, we take for granted a lot of things. For instance, the inconvience of having to wait. Having … Continue reading

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What happens when you speak your mind

What happens when you speak your mind? Well, that depends on what you say, how you ┬ásay it and how it carries you through. It also depends on where your … Continue reading

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So not worth while

So I’ve never actually done this but I have always wondered why I haven done this sooner. Why is it that some times you get overwhelmed with emotions that as … Continue reading

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Here’s the truth about thinking out loud. We don’t realize how much or dreams invade the reality of the real world. But when we think out loud and there we … Continue reading

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That one thing

That one thing that turns you right up side the head. That one person that turns you right side up, wrong side up. That one person doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day turns into a Beautiful Week

Pardon the word beautiful. It was used rather abrashly without much though or rather lack of better thoughts. So how did this week work out? Oh it worked out alright … Continue reading

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A sexy tiramisu

To say that the italians have delicious food would be an understatment, they have ungodly delicious food that is so good! For the next venture of healthy/sexy/joyous cooking my beautiful … Continue reading

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Smallville Season One

What’s so appealing about a boy in a flannel shirt running around making trouble in the middle of a small unheard town of Smallville, in the state of Kansas? Well, … Continue reading

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Sacrifice: A year Later

For some reason, maybe its the availability of time, or the availabilty of will, the winter brings me great sunshine and great time to gather some thoughts together for the … Continue reading

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