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How to become a better thinker

Summer is always a great time for personal growth and development. I took some time to personally develop my musings on the thing that seemingly does not take up any time, yet all the effort in the world- thinking.

1. the brain is a muscle- capable of being stretched and pulled into shape

2. The brain is the control center of not only your thoughts, your emotions, hormones, breathing patterns, view on life, who is in charge of your thoughts and emotions.

3.Reading feeds the soul, and fuels the brain. Yet do you just merely read? Reading and thinking takes more effort, time, and dedication, pushing those neurons to form new road maps, and hence new ideas.

4. Think more.

How many times a day- do we stop and think- not about stress, deadlines, grades, or first impressions, vacations, romantic get-a-ways. Granted those should hold some weight, but to become weightless, we need something that forces us to focus our attention for longer then a youtube video, some force that forces us to think of all the heavy things at once. For some reason it is such through thoughts that give us a headache and make us weightless( even if it is only for a short span of a life time).

5. State the problem right away
What happens when there are too many heavy thoughts on one’s mind? Break them apart- defragment into tangible, derivable pieces. State the problem- in a question. Question yourself, in front of a mirror, in your minds eye, in front of your dog, or goldfish. To know what is wrong, ask yourself the question.

6. persist in difficult times
Difficult times lie ahead- your brain has not traveled here before. It is retreaded territory. Yet push through the difficulties, because it will strengthen your mind, if you keep on searching for the solution, even if it is the least probable solution in your mind right now.

7. Be courageous.
Have the ability to make a mistake. Make another mistake, yet don’t make the same mistake twice. Learn to be brave. Bravery comes in accepting responsibility to take actions on your intellectual musings and impressions.

8. Be daring.
Think is good. But don’t cross the boundary between thinking and philosophical circular logic. Be daring to have a final decision to your thoughts. DO think in circles, but travel with purpose and a direction.

9.Be curious
Stimulate your excitement about knowledge. Learn to ask the ‘right’ directed questions for particular situations. Ask questions because you are naturally curious. Do not ask questions to make an impression, you’ll only appear pretentious.

10. Dare to be different, yet at times indifferently conform.
Come up with a solution no one has yet to discover, yet do not reinvent the wheel. Unless it’s a wheel that is resistant to friction and gravity, and absolutely unaffected by torque. Listen to the solutions presented, only so you can be a better solutions yourself. So you can find a better solution from the trials and triumphs of those who sought a different solution.

I wonder what's out there?

I wonder what's out there?


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