City of Lost Angels

The way of the technocrat

So I have always wondered why suddenly most of the people I was around with don’t fit into my category any longer. It’s not that I consider them worse then me- it’s just I don’t find myself engaged with them any longer. I seem to have lost common ground with them.


Finally I have realized why. I have realized why I can’t find a boyfriend, have a hard time picking up the phone, and have a tendency to hold awkward conversations from time to time. I have realized why  I hate gossip and love the chaos of the open air and ocean, and the elegance of a well designed code program.

You see the reason is quite so simple,that it took me  a while to figure it out.

I came from a family of modern 20th century technocrats. What makes a technocrat? A rash and surface view of a technocrat is a geek, a dork, or as some rude people call name it- a nerd.

The first distiction of a technocrat- sarcasm- the body’s natural defense against stupid generalizations like that. And surely people love to generalize and put everything in categories that fit their narrow view points.

A technocrat is somebody who has technical skills above the average human population. These include engineers, scientists, etc. Yet specifically, technocrats are any professionals coming from universities with too much theory and not enough practice in their lives. Hence, they compensate by working loads and loads, and getting paid well for it too.

This does not mean that they search for too much money or too much fame. Technocrats- try to stay afloat in the ever fluctuating field of technology, always learning, always moving. It is common knowledge among them that skill learned today, can and possibly will, be outdated tomorrow. So they compensate facts, and routine practice with their creativity and ever needing desire to stay afloat.

They tend to migrate, and even immigrate across the globe in search of a job that ‘fits their profession’. They tend to have smaller families, except if they are Asian, the exception to prove the rule.

They have a resume longer then five pages long, and it’s never written in common english. Words like ‘assurence’ ,’ autocad’, ‘design and implimintationc’, ‘mathematicla modeling’ , stress and strain factors’, ‘linux’, ‘Ajax’, ‘C++’ tend to build up their lists of technical skills and previous skills. On average, within ten years they have had five different jobs- up to 9 different jobs if it’s a computer programmer.

These technocrats tend to make money by the brilliance of their mind. Yet, unfortunately, there is no direct proportion between paycheck and brilliance of the mind. They tend to value and believe in the idealized form of a meritocracy; the survival of the technocrat in a tech company is truly survival of the fittest. The parachutes don’t tend to float on too long because they typically did not win their high position by merit or value of their intellectual prowess.

They tend to worry about their kids- yes nerds have kids as well. They tend to worry about the school they go to, the classes they take.

Math, or countless hours of computer programming, or even random house projects such as manually installing a new windows with a linux, with an old copy of a windows mirror as a backup(since windows always crash)  as a weekend trip.

Career is important, yet so is family and they community.

They can install printers, help you format a word document, clean up your cookies, open your windows to enlighten you on the slight possibility of having a cleaner registry. They can set up your network, tune up your surround sound, and go to extremes to ensure the latest update. (for instance, before the time of wireless, physically drilling a hole in the wall of your rented apartment building just to get the cables running across rooms to get the wireless networks running).

For technocrats, if the internet is down, it will surely make for a difficult evening of complaints and sour displeasures. There was an influx of technocrats into the USA in the 90’s particularly from Asia and even more so from former Soviet Union countries. 

So what makes these technocrats so strange? They undoubtedly run the backward ends of technology, bridging your communications networks,  so the regular un-nerds can continue their gossip. 

However, that’s all for the moment.


P.S. this is my personal view of what a technocrat is- undoubtedly there is much more to it then that, but this is from my personal perspective.


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