City of Lost Angels

The possibility of choices

When given a choice to make we tend to make this choice independently. After all what you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, what you picked out to wear this day, what you though to buy at ths store is all based on what YOU and only you commanded your body to pick and to choose?

However, lets reply the tapes. What did you eat for breakfast? Nothing, there is a reason why its fast you have to get out of the house and keep going forward. What did you have for lunch, a sandwhich since it was the only thing given at themarket today. What will you have for dinner? Well, lets go healthy tonight and have only the good stuff, no fats, no carbs.  Just fiber ! After all you need to clean and purify your system. And what will you have after fiber? Why more fiber of course.

So lets rephrase, I am a college student/ What did I choose as my major? Computer science. Why my parents told me its a good job. It’s good its routine, its stable, you will always have work to do. You will never run out of work. Great.

There is a problem though the choice that I made might be a good decision with some one who has a family, with somebody who fits the category of my parents, yet it might not be the best choice for me. So begs the question- I am being a selfish brat who instead of obligations thinks that she can choose that which is god given to her. Unfortunately it is not so simple. We have to make choices and obligations, however, we fail to consiciously realize that each choice that we make is somehow internally driven by our culture, our home, or our race.

Alright maybe we do have some independent thinkers in the house. Yet their choices were made by the same mechanism that we industiral drones make : we had a necessary need for them.

In this technology driven world, in this american driven dream we try to make everyone happy, everyone healthy, everyone should be PRODUCTIVE! otherwise you fail. So let me ask the question what are you really choosing? isn’t it all the same thing. You are choosing that which is expected from you in this society- so aren’t you choosing exactly the same thing as you have choosen before. So what is left? Is it possible for humans to have a source of open and free choices?


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