City of Lost Angels

How to lose yourself

Well question  is why would you want to be lost in the first place?

Does it add to the everyday appeal? Does it change your mind? Does it make you feel better about youself?

We get lost on a daily minutal basis. Weather we get lost in the work, lost in the day, lost in the train, lost in their eyes, or lost in a crowd. We at times need to dissappear beneath a clouded veil of sheets to feel like we are newly discovered. Maybe we want to get lost; because if we get lost we don’t have to do the single most terrifying thing in the world: is get caught again. We are lost, and we theref0re remaining lost We are not revealed until we are meant to be found. Therefore, begin lost without someone could only at times bring them back to your arms.

Silly humans wish to get lost within something because then they will not have to face the problem of looking at the beast that scares them most- themselves.

There is no turning back on lies, or anything else for that matter. There is only looking towards the sky, were we are a speck on the canvas of the universe.

Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, get lost, get lost since on the road you might gain something we trust.


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