City of Lost Angels

The modern russian love story

Piter F.M.

A move of love, lost cell phones, coffee, architecture, culture, terrible music, as well as music that fucking rocks your socks off.

This is one of those rare, raw films that gives you a feel. It gives you a feel for the world and the art of being alive. In the world of terrible consequences, in this game of luck, of never ending war, work, and worry, this is a fresh air of art and the joy of living,

A boy doesn;t meet a girl. The girl never sees the boy, but they fall in love. How and why? Simply because they are able to find joy in their life. Despite losing sight, despite being knocked out. This film got me thinking a lot about the joy of living, and how right now I wouldn’t mind leaving everything, and I mean everything that I have hear in my presence and going back to the simpler times and days of son called ‘song and dance’. It’s about find art, at the art of joy, in this heaven. In the heaven that we have on earth. Maybe its such a personal, such a private heaven, we don’t dare allow others in for fear of them racking havoc and bring destruction. Yet, once we have found that person, and that group of people to break the wall and to enter into our premises of heaven, we realize that its so much nicer when its selflessly shared.

Why this movie is realistic

In the modern day warfare of communications, people do not meet in the old fashion traditional manner. It would be great if we did, but alas we don’t. We make friends and enemies on the airways and on the virtual bandwidth all the time. And we keep swimming. We keep fighting, we keep falling, we keep picking ourselves up and making the same mistakes all over again, and again and again,

That’s the beauty of this cycle, love, love is work, and love is truth, and love takes courage. It takes courage to not lie to yourself and to tell yourself that you have fallen out of love and respect for a person, just as much as it takes love and courage to tell a person that they no longer love them. This is this movie, to strength, to honor, to good judgment, as much as bad judgment. And of course, for love of the game.


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