City of Lost Angels

The price of sacrifice

Sacrifice- noun – Anglo Saxton, translatable  and transversable into russian as жертвовать (to be sacrificed in the verb form) , in spanish as  sacrificio, in norwegiean it offer, as the anglo-saxton description of a offer to oneself.

Translations and meanings:

verb- to give without a return for profit

noun- an offering to the dieties in the heavens above the earth, or in the pits of hell

verb- to sell without spiritual profit

verb- chess- to give up a piece in order to place the game in a better position overall

verb-baseball- to place a player on a better position by pawning, or taking out, another player

verb- to give away something in order to gain something that will be of greater value

The most perplexing definition is the last one. Do we all sacrifice something in order to gain something of greater value? But what if we realize that all that we have sacrificed was not worth it? Sure it was great. Maybe even awesome. But what if we no longer wish to become that which we seek to sacrifice for? Is life supposed to be painful, even with the ‘right’ sacrifices? how do we know that we have made the right sacrifices and not the wrong ones?

What if we feel like the sacrifices that we have made were not worth it? why is that a question in our stupid heads?

Why do our decesions have to be sacrificial:? Why is it that we have to give up a part of ourselves as we embark on new roles and responsiblities?

What if we don’t want the things we have worked so hard to sacrifice ourselves for? What if we simply love? Can we love without sacrifice? Can we truly love without sacrifice?

The hardest part is realizing that you have changed, you have evolved. Jajaj/ no you really didn’t, but you tried to evolve, only to make the same things over and over again. You constantly wonder though if it all falls apart in the end. You wonder, and then you stop wondering and realize that a sacrifice is not a really a sacrifice, it’s just an experiment. a temptation to what you need to do.

It’s only a sacrifice when you consider killing a part of your talent along with the sacrifice you make .But maybe its not a sacrifice if you don’t realize that you really are not killing a part of yourself, you are just substituting one thing for the other ., fuck i lost my train of thought.


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