City of Lost Angels

Smallville Season One

What’s so appealing about a boy in a flannel shirt running around making trouble in the middle of a small unheard town of Smallville, in the state of Kansas?

Well, if that boy happens to be a) the delicious, charming Tom Welling and b) that boy happens to be playing a boy growing up to be a man. A Superman to be more precise 😀

The first season of Smallville is a delicious take on the boy who will become Superman. The episodes focus and develop the relationship between Marth and Johnathan Kent and the strange, somewhat isolated Clark Kent. Clark is isoalted because a) he is entering high school and b) he just happens to be out of this world (forgive the pun).  As Clark struggles through the perils, isolation, and pure torment know as high school, he must also face personal issues of you know the usual- running at the speed of light, seeing through objects(episode 4), and accidentally bending metal and breaking locks.

To add to the batch of happy news there is also: Lana Lang, the girl Clark just oggles and oggles over, and the billionare who accidentally runs him over the bridge, at 60 miles an hour. Talk about a hellish time in high school. Naturally, everything gets better: students infected by meteor rocks show up and start abusing their powers and creating havoc all around. Meteor rock vegetable diet ? Okay no problem (Episode 7 Craving) . Or how about walking into banks,but instead of using the door, lets enter through the wall where the safe is at.  (Episode 13: Kinetic)

Been there done that Smallville.

Corrupt cops out for all they can still? Why, certainly there are a few of them as well: after witnessing Clark’s abilities, a cop starts black mailing the Kents (Episode 9: Rogue). You know, for  a small town, it sure does have a few minor issues.

How about the Luthers? Son and father relations are strained when Lionel Luther shuts down the fertilizer plant because Lex isn’t making enough profit.(Episode 21: Tempest). And the damsel in distress? Clark choose Lana over Chloe (his prom date) and rescues Lana from the tornado. (Episode 21: Tempest).Alright maybe it wasn’t just one tornado, it was three.

The game is all set and ready to go: we have the friendship between Lexand Clark, and Lex’s immediate fasciantion with Clark. The beginning of a beautifully dark betrayal? The strong bond of support and protection that Marth and Johnathan have for Clark: Johnathan willing to risk everything for his son. The enigmatic pull of Lana Lang; Clark’s immediate physical and emotional attraction was magnetic. The some what weak relationships between Chloe, Pete and Clark were somewhat dissatisfactory but previlant none the less.

The first season was a story of questions of what if’s? What if Clark was normal? What if Lana had another love before the famous Clark Kent? How did Clark develop his superpowers? How did Clark step out into the world from a simple town of Smallville?

True there were some disappointing plot driven episoded- where at every point in the story there was a new villian, and there was Clark playing ‘hold off the crazy meteor infected teenager’. Nevertheless, the brillance and the importance of the character and their relationships were there.


The stunts, the music, and the cinematography, along with one cute boy in a flannel shirt were there as well 😀

Hang tight superman, you got a long way to go


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