City of Lost Angels

A Beautiful Day turns into a Beautiful Week

Pardon the word beautiful. It was used rather abrashly without much though or rather lack of better thoughts.

So how did this week work out? Oh it worked out alright only, not in the way that I expected it to work out.  Here’s what I mean I flirted, played and jested with at least six guys; and four of them happen to be in one day. So what is this sudden explosion in guy attention?

Well, it’s got to be the hair. It’s red. I was told I look like a superhero and natrually attract those silly interactions at places like the on campus sushi place where the guy told me I had great taste buds, or at the Ralphs where an attended ran into my line of vision a close to five times and even asked if the basket was mine….ummm suspicious? Then there was the friendly cashier at Home Depot who laughed at my pathetic attempt to grow and over water an already stressed out peace lily. 🙂

So here is my diagnosis , it’s got to be the red hair. So is the oposite sex only attracted to the flaming red suggistive of danger, temptation, and passion


I had a dream today. I was on a dirty, muddy field playing footbol, not football. And in the midst of all the tackle, sweat, and rain ( yes there was rain in the dream that made all the shirt’s of the good lookin guys clutch their finely definied abdominal muscles, mind you there were no bad lookin guys ), and there I was in middle of it all. Looking lost and frightined and then I heard yelling in my direction only to realize that they guy was yellling at me in Portuguese. But naturally in our dreams we can speak as many languages as we like so there wasn’t really wasn’t a huge language barrier at all.

Anywho, he was yelling at me that my game was off that I wasn’t passionate enough. The ball didn’t go to far, my feet didn”t run as fast. In some world red means stop. In my world red means GO!

Maybe it is the hair. It’s the intensity, the vibe that made me so approcable.

Or maybe its the personality and the attitude behind the hair. It’s the openess, the trustfullness, the cheerfulness, and the complete concentration on each step that I made this week.

For some reason everytime I woke up I was overwhelmed with the prospect and the possiblity of meeting that special someone. And no not a prince on a white horse. A friend, a  coworker, a lover, a dancer, a fellow human being. Today was the week of days. The week where every day you lived it instead of wishing it’s over. Because here’s the thing, if you spend everyday of your life living, working, playing, you realize that the time extends rather quickly. Why? Because we can keep our brain engaged, or senses stimulted. The over all effect is tremendous. We can become better people, we can become better neigbours.

We can try again, waking up and feeling that flame, that passion, that exuberance for living.

Maybe I am a superhero…. 🙂



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This entry was posted on January 14, 2012 by in What you want.
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