City of Lost Angels


Here’s the truth about thinking out loud. We don’t realize how much or dreams invade the reality of the real world. But when we think out loud and there we are left wondering why no body actually responded to us, we start to realize that the virtual world just as the dream world is no the reality of what keeps us going.
We get stuck at times, we cant for some reason remember something, we can’t seem to understand something trivial or something that is not so trivial. At times, it seems like everything is blurred, things don’t make sense. So what brings us back? We do. We find our path, we find our compass. We figure it out.
But contrary to popular belief we don’t find our way back by ourselves. We find our way forward through trust- trust in our families if we have families, trust in our friends, if those friends stand by us. We find our path because we trust in our selves.
There are many ways to take on a life’s little mishap: we watch, observe, become bewildered. We absorb the shock and choose not to react, not to get upset and angry. It’s easier- said then done. To take control of ourselves, to realize that the best way to defeat the world is to defeat ourselves. And then maybe, then, we can finally live in peace. Living in peace does not mean we would accept the wrongs that grieve us. Accepting peace means that we will live to fight another day and another battle because we can surely have the courage and the strength to continue on.
We can control so much within ourselves, we just chose not take advantage of it.
We chose not to bring change, change that starts within ourselves.


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This entry was posted on January 27, 2012 by in What you want.
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