City of Lost Angels


Here’s the thing about being caught up. We at times ignore the fundamentals. In our life, in our work, in ourselves

For example, I was to solve a very simple programming question: print the number 1-20. I eventually figured out the solution, unfortunately the processes of finding the solution took a good 15 minutes instead of it being instantanous.

So the question comes, what happened? Why was the simple solution so hard to find? Part of it has to do with the fact that the solution came so slowly was possibly due to the fact that living became so complicated.

Thinking of too many things, wondering what the future will bring. Though all are valid states of mind, how many of them are valid in the present time. For example, in programming we are so caught up in programming web frameworks to make our applications faster, better that we forget the fndamentals of programming. It’sa for loop, it’s a while loop, its a varaible, it’s a condition.

We forget to do the simple things, because we clutter our heads with unnecessary information. As much as we want to gain more knoweldge, by gaining more I feel we also lose more.

So here’s to less knoweldge, and to greater insight for us into the future.


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This entry was posted on February 15, 2012 by in What you want.


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