City of Lost Angels

The price of sacrifice

Sacrifice- noun – Anglo Saxton, translatable  and transversable into russian as жертвовать (to be sacrificed in the verb form) , in spanish as  sacrificio, in norwegiean it offer, as the anglo-saxton … Continue reading

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The modern russian love story

Piter F.M. A move of love, lost cell phones, coffee, architecture, culture, terrible music, as well as music that fucking rocks your socks off. This is one of those rare, … Continue reading

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How to lose yourself

Well question  is why would you want to be lost in the first place? Does it add to the everyday appeal? Does it change your mind? Does it make you feel … Continue reading

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The possibility of choices

When given a choice to make we tend to make this choice independently. After all what you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, what you picked out to wear this day, … Continue reading

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The way of the technocrat

So I have always wondered why suddenly most of the people I was around with don’t fit into my category any longer. It’s not that I consider them worse then … Continue reading

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How to become a better thinker

Summer is always a great time for personal growth and development. I took some time to personally develop my musings on the thing that seemingly does not take up any … Continue reading

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PHP arrays

So while working on designing my website, I stumbled across on a php array. So What is it excatly and how so does it work? Similar to the C and … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!So here goes: finding a dance studio in LA might not seem like a havoc or … Continue reading

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